sofia design festival


*All live events are accessible only with a Green Pass Certificate.

  • international symposium*

    The event features six names from the European design scene. Aideen McCole, Héctor Ayuso, Patryk Hardziej, Claudia Schwarz, Mila Lozanova, Herrmann & Coufal.

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  • Review of Bulgarian design 2021*

    The Value of Design, group show

    Studio Komplekt continues its series of reviews of the current state of Bulgarian design. The group show brings together some of the notable manifestations of the discipline through projects united by the topic - the value of design.

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    The project explores a designer's relationship to the "do it yourself" phenomenon. The installation forms an exhibition frame for the individual luminaires as well as for itself - it is possible to disassemble and reassemble it using the instruction manual.

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  • Do It Use It*

    Within the workshop participants can make a Tension lamp together with the designers from Herrmann & Coufal.

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  • Baby, One More Time*

    The workshop invites visitors to make their own bag or case from old vinyls, collected from previous editions of MELBA festival and from our partners in this endeavor - the Czech Center. Everybody can create his accessoire on site designed by Neva Balnikova.

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  • Sustainable Design and Fashion in the Visegrad

    The exhibition presents 24 sustainable fashion and design brands from the V4 Countries: Czechia, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia. They have dedicated their work to good design and to creating products in accordance with the ethos of sustainability.

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  • The Future of Living. Contemporary Slovenian

    The exhibition demonstrates the innovative ways in which Slovenian design responds to future societal challenges with products that cleverly combine local materials with traditional craftsmanship.

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  • Sustainable Practices in Design*

    Presentations and discussion

    The event brings together three European companies, leading a change in the industry through the joint power of science, design and technology. With the participation of Sara Kele, MakeGrowLab, Biomyc and a special demo by B2N.

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  • CreativeMornings Sofia*

    Breakfast and lecture by the artist Sevda Semer

    А special edition of CreativeMornings Sofia. For the first time our local chapter is the author of the monthly theme - both as a concept, and as a visual execution.

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