sofia design festival


Do It Use It / Herrmann & Coufal


Czech Center, 100 G.S. Rakovski St., Sofia


13.11.2021, Saturday 3 - 6 pm

The workshop DO IT USE IT is designed on the basis - self-manufacturability and consistent minimization of the number of necessary building elements and work operations (and thus cost reduction). At the same time, they can all be easily and quickly disassembled, moved and assembled in another place (hence the name of the entire collection). Each of the objects uses a different mechanical principle, which then visually stands out thanks to the simple minimalist aesthetics.

The exhibition presents lamps from the production of Studio Herrmann and Coufal, and within the workshop, visitors can make a Tension lamp.


Tension is a dynamic floor lamp which can illuminate an entire room or just a book to read. It has an elegant body made of metal rod and a concrete base. The flexibility of the material allows the height of the luminaire to be adjusted using only the supply cable. All details were cut to minimum so that the simple beauty of tension stands out at first sight.

Participants: 10

Fee: 50 lv


Payment in advance

Recipient: Czech Center Sofia

Bank: Unicredit Bulbank

IBAN: BG56UNCR96601006593116

Payment: (workshop 2021/6468, name and surname participant)

Organized by the Czech Center in Sofia.