sofia design festival




12.11.2021, Friday, 6 pm


Czech Center, 100 G.S. Rakovski St., Sofia


01 - 30.11.2021,
Mon- Fri: 1 - 6 pm

The project explores a designer's relationship to the "do it yourself" phenomenon. It shows that self-made production does not have to be perceived only as a low-cost, alternative, and unaesthetic solution - on the contrary, it highlights its benefits for both individuals and society. In addition to environmental aspects (such as reduction of transport, packaging, and commercial overproduction), it brings the human approach to products and makes their users understand and appreciate hidden ideas. The creation process thus becomes an integral part of the final product, a shared experience.

The installation forms an exhibition frame for the individual luminaires as well as for itself - it is possible to disassemble and reassemble it using the instruction manual. The whole space can be thus easily packed, moved, and built anywhere else - it starts on Designblok 2020 and continues to Berlin, Madrid, London, Tel Aviv, Tokyo and now Sofia. The design of the installation is partly based on the ideas of Victor Papanek in the book Nomadic Furniture.

Organized by the Czech Center in Sofia.