sofia design festival


Sustainable Practices in Design


Missia23, 23 Mizia Str, Sofia


16.11.2021, Tuesday, 6:30 pm

The event brings together three European companies, leading a change in the industry through the joint power of science, design and technology. After their presentations, Studio Komplekt will moderate a discussion on the important mission of championing eco-conscious design, what does it imply, its impact on the environment and the consumers, some of its economic and social connotations along with more engaging and pressing topics.

With the participation of Sara Kele (Hungary), Josh Brito (founder of MakeGrowLab, Poland) and Atanas Enev (founder of Biomyc, Bulgaria). And a special demo by B2N’s Ultimaker S5, the 3D printer used by Biomyc for its projects.

Hungarian designer Sara Kele creates exciting, yet simple and timeless furniture and interiors - always keeping sustainability and localism in focus. Her experimental, forward-thinking approach goes beyond the visual, exploring new materials and production methods.

Josh Brito is one of the founders of the Polish company MakeGrowLab. By fusing science with design, MakeGrowLab turns bio-waste into natural and home compostable materials. They have embraced the ethos of fully circular production of local, sustainable materials, derived from the symbiotic processes of nature.

Atanas Enev is the founder of Biomyc - a Bulgarian-based, award-winning eco-design & innovation company. Biomyc designs next-generation products and packaging from mycelium composites and eco-materials for premium brands. Atanas is going to talk about sustainable innovation in design and have a demo of the Ultimaker S5 3D Printer, used for creating his project with Mercedes-Benz Group Research Germany in partnership with B2N - Bulgaria's largest distributor and official representative of industrial 3D manufacturing solutions (3D printers, 3D scanners, software for simulative design, data science & AI).

With the support of Liszt Institute - Hungarian Cultural Center Sofia and B2N.