sofia design festival


Luba haleva

Book Design


КО-ОP, 17 Yanko Sakuzov blvd., Sofia


11 - 21.11.2021

Mon - Fri: 10 am - 7 pm, Sat-Sun: 2 - 6 pm

The main purpose of the cover is to suggest visually what the content is, to reflect the writer’s voice and to tempt the reader, especially if he is not prepared for the book in advance.

I’m working in the field of book design and I’m very happy that the result of my creative enjoyment has a sequel - it turns into a carrier of new worlds and the reader needs them no matter if he likes the package or not.

Reading and writing, surfing the internet to find out how the Karakul lake looks like in West China or what Mobius strip means. I do all this without too much immersion, in order not to lose the spontaneity and freshness of my idea. If it is appropriate and I am in contact with the author, I ask him to share with me some favourite objects, his drawings, something handwritten, so that I can use it for my work. This approach makes the book design even more authentic.

As long as it takes. It can always get better and I can experiment endlessly, so at the end the deadline brings salvation.

I would like to cite the publisher I most often work with - “In better bookstores.”