sofia design festival


Mila Vodenicharova



КО-ОP, 17 Yanko Sakuzov blvd., Sofia


11 - 21.11.2021

Mon - Fri: 10 am - 7 pm, Sat-Sun: 2 - 6 pm

I get inspiration from nature, mainly from plants and animals. It often happens to me that my initial idea gets transformed during my creative process. I work with ceramics, because this is my inner need. In my own language - I have a quiet madness in me. My aim is to make objects for enjoyment. Their functionality is only decorative. The works are appropriate for interiors and exteriors.

For everybody.

My research interest is in various ceramic materials. Each of them has its own specifics. Some of them are suitable for my style, others not at all, but on the other hand they are opening up new possibilities for me. So my approach is to combine both kinds of materials in one artwork and to achieve an interesting result.

The time for creation depends on the work and on many external factors – the ceramic mass and its degree of complexity. Then comes the process of drying, which is dependent on the air humidity and the temperature in the atelier. In the end is the firing process, one more task with an open end. Sometimes there are surprises – bad or good ones. All these phases are part of the craft. If the objects are sound after the whole process of making, then the lifespan of a ceramic object can be eternal.

My atelier is in Troyan and it is situated in the backyard of our house. I publish most of my works on Instagram. My works are presented in a few galleries and I participate in various exhibitions and events.