sofia design festival


Studio frank

Hidden Letters


КО-ОP, 17 Yanko Sakuzov blvd., Sofia


11 - 21.11.2021

Mon - Fri: 10 am - 7 pm, Sat-Sun: 2 - 6 pm

This year we started working on the graphic design of the project аs supportеrs of the idea to present the typical Cyrillic characters to a wider audience in Bulgaria and abroad through a series of urban furniture, created for rest and cultural interaction.

The project is initiated by the Read Sofia Foundation – by Todora Radeva, Boryana Zafirova, the typographer Kiril Zlatkov and many other participants. This is the core team and they welcomed us like partners for the creation of the visual identity and this approach worked out pretty well.

In the beginning of this year we had a few meetings with the team to get to know each other, we discussed the need for a visual communication for the project and then we started working on it. We had the freedom to develop our point of view on the three main topics – urban space, poetry and typography by using the specific cyrillyc characters used in Bulgaria. We invited our close friend, the photographer Desislav Lilov, to join our team and provide us with his archive of city images, taken in the last 10 years in various European cities, with various handwritten patterns and projections to the voluminous letters - benches of the project in the Kometa Unicase typeface by Kiril Zlatkov.

The collaboration with the foundation team is still going on, so through the whole year we are working on the different phases of the project The Hidden Letters. In the beginning there was the common concept, followed then by print materials and digital interpretations. Some of the graphic works were integrated in the new set of benches. Two big events were organized in Sofia outside of the National Library and now we are looking forward to the first print edition of a poetic anthology.

The benches were originally crafted to be a hidden oasis of peace in the centre of Sofia, but since then they have made appearances in major European cities like Paris, Berlin, Budapest, Brussels. Additionally some extra sets of benches have been produced in Rabat and Edinburgh.