Dani Yordanova

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Dani Yordanova | The Scent of Life | perfume and essential oils

Dani Yordanova graduated with a degree in Ecology and Environmental Conservation before taking up handmade Glim & Glam candles, which quickly became her passion. Initially for personal use, over time the aromatherapy candles became a solace for the mind and body of many. Created entirely from natural soy wax, sustainability and eco-friendliness are at the forefront of their making, with the scents evoking deep emotions and memories.

The Scent of Life is a sensory journey through the different stages of human life – childhood, maturity and adulthood. The concept is interwoven with Bulgarian flavors, which have left a strong imprint in the culture and continue to be part of everyday life in various forms. From the gentleness and purity of cotton, through the soothing and unblemished notes of lavender and the sweet aftertaste of golden honey, the scents follow a dive into the ripening aromas of the wild sea breeze and rose blossom, to the serenity of the forest and the resinous notes of maturity. Human life is obviously dominated by the visual, but often scents evoke even deeper emotions.