Milen Radev

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Milen Radev | TIKLA | TKRR01 and TKWR02 | stone, wood, metal

Milen Radev began his professional career in 2006 with photo shoots for magazines such as Eva, One, Capital Light, Gun, etc., and later continued with exhibitions including Art of Living (2009), Stereoscopy (2009) and 5000 COPIES (2014). However, fate took him back to his roots and to the Rhodope Mountains, the mountain of his ancestors. In its mystical forests, Milen stumbles upon an old house that he began to reconstruct. Working on the roof, brought him up close with the stone tiles, locally called “tikla”. This encounter inspired him to create impressive product design objects on the basis of this material.

TKRR01 and TKWR02 are two lightning bodies inspired by the structure and shape of the rock slabs called “tikli” in the Rhodope Mountains. The same stone slabs have been quarried and used in the past as a building material, most notably as a roof covering, which have stood the test of time to this day. Milen finds an extraordinary kind of magic in the variety of colour, shape and hardness of this multi-layered rock, which he tries to convey in his sculptures of light. The inspiration for drilling this hard material came from the many rocks he discovered and miners pounded in an attempt to reach valuable ore. Most of the mines have long been out of operation and the traces of the struggling stone have been taken over by damp and rust. TKRR01 and TKWR02 are unique objects made from natural materials mined in the Bulgarian mountains that synthesize past, present and future in an exceptional form.