Could it be
a bit more fancy: discussion with Know-How-Show-How


10.11.2022, Thursday | 18:30-20:30


Czech Centre, Hall
100 Rakovski Str., Sofia

Although effective communication is necessary in all human relationships, it is even more critical in business communication. Are the slogans “The customer is always right” and “He who pays the piper calls the tune” myths? Do we need an interpreter in conversations between clients, designers and performers?

In this discussion about the communication between the different groups involved in the overall development of a creative product, you will hear different perspectives from guests and participants and share experiences in the search for an answer to the question: what does communication ethics mean in the practice of a graphic designer?

The discussion is suitable for professionals and students from the field of graphic design and related industries, as well as anyone for whom the topic is important and has an opinion on the matter.

The event is part of the Know-How Show-How Community project, realized with the financial support of the National Culture Fund under the program for recovery and development of private cultural organizations.