Show me your project reviews of projects or portfolios in the field of graphic design


3.11.2022, Thursday | 3:00-7:00 PM


Avrtikl Gallery
bul. "Alexander Stamboliyski" 20

As designers we tend to be constantly preoccupied with the essence of our practice and are not always able to look at the projects we’re working on with a fresh eye. Conversations with colleagues and like-minded people usually give us the much-needed perspective to consider the best direction the project needs.

Maybe you can relate to the feeling of insecurity when you have an idea but the form or the direction you have chosen seems unconvincing? You want to find an answer to what is lacking, but you go around in circles and don’t know how to get to the desired result. Or you just need to talk about your process and need some guidance. Even discuss specific guidelines.

Filip Boyadzhiev and Dima Stefanova from Know-How Show-How will be in person at Avrtikl ready to discuss projects or portfolios in a safe and friendly environment focusing on your work or needs.

On November 3. in Avrtikl from 15:00 to 19:00 h you will have the opportunity to get personal feedback.

Each individual session will be 20 minutes, price is BGN 50 and pre-registration is mandatory at: