SMART HUNGARY: Innovation in industrial design through 24 examples


Opening: 03.11.2022, Thursday

Guided tour: 10.11.2022, Thursday, 4:00 pm

Opening hours: Monday - Friday | 9:00 AM-6:00 PM


Incubator, Sofia Tech Park
111 “Tsarigradsko Shose” blvd., Incubator Building, Sofia Tech Park, Sofia

There are two key concepts in economic development in the 21st century: added value and competitiveness. But how can a small Central Eastern European country be competitive when even the next ten years are unpredictable?

Through new and exportable products the exhibition SMART HUNGARY 2021-2022 presents Hungary as a country that provides relevant and competitive answers to the economic, environmental and societal challenges facing our world today.

Grouped into seven topics that make up everyday life (Smart Sport, Smart Mobility, Smart Leisure, Smart City, Smart Home, Smart Healthcare, Smart Agriculture), the exhibition presents the country’s intellectual potential and innovation opportunities in the form of 24 products. Through a number of achievements covering different fields of science, SMART HUNGARY shows what “smart” practices from Hungary look like and how the country is joining the digital revolution, the global trends of stability and personalisation.

The achievements reflected in the exhibition are the results of decades of research and development as well as scientific work, and in most cases they are protected and have an international patent. The SMART HUNGARY exhibition initiates a dialogue with other countries – in the hope of common solutions to global challenges.