Story (Příběh): an exhibition of students from the Ceramics and Porcelain Studio of UMPRUM in Prague


09.11.2022, Wednesday | 6:00 PM

Working hours: Monday - Friday | 1:00-6:00 PM


Gallery | Czech Centre
100 Rakovski Str., Sofia

Everything carries a story. It’s up to us whether we are interested in uncovering it. This is the path taken by the students of the Ceramics and Porcelain Studio at UMPRUM, when they chose a specific artifact in the Moravian Gallery in Brno, in the Black Depot exhibition, identified its story, and interpreted it in their own work. What each piece hides and how it has been transformed under their hands will be on display at the Story (Příběh) exhibition in the Czech Centre.

The project of the same name was created during the summer semester 2021/2022, during which the students delved into the secrets of the selected works, technologies, and the creation and fate of their authors. “What unites all the works is an inquiry into the role that narrative plays in the process of making a work and the possibilities of sharing narratives through objects. Are the objects themselves endowed with the ability to speak, or are they rather a surface on which contemporary interpretative frameworks are projected?”, explains Milan Pekař, the head of the studio.

The presented works conceptually create a subjective cross-section of the history of European ceramic production. The exhibition presents works that respond to medieval artifacts, traditional ways of creating folk pottery, and the products of the first porcelain manufacturers, as well as technological phenomena and modern artists.

The Academy of Arts, Architecture & Design (Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová) in Prague (UMPRUM) is a small art school offering quality education in visual arts, architecture and design. Over the years it has managed to resist the pressure for instrumentalisation and economisation of knowledge. The academy aims not only to prepare young people for an artistic profession, but also to nurture an independent spirit of research and experimentation.

Partners of the exhibition are: The Czech Centre in Sofia, The Embassy of the Czech Republic in Sofia. The exhibition was created on the basis of the Czech Presidency of the EU Council.