TIME: pop-up exhibition MELBA X Fashion Days


Opening: 04.11.2022, Friday | 7:00 PM

Opening hours: Monday - Sunday | 3:00 PM - 19:00 PM


Espace PORT A
5 Triaditsa Str., Sofia

Each time period carries its own story. Time is an unstable quantity, dependent on various processes (climatic, political, social). Time eludes us and often it is difficult to describe it. However, time also gives us a forward perspective and the opportunity to dream, because it is also a vision of all that we could be.

The exhibition TIME presents the illustrations of 18 artists, shortlisted from a total of 204 participants in the competition for original artwork on a t-shirt with the theme TIME, held in the summer of 2022 on the initiative of MELBA and Fashion Days.

Does everything pass with time? Can we turn back time? How do we act in times of global challenges? And what are the visions for a better future? We look forward to welcoming you to the PORT A gallery to seek the answers to these and more questions related to the vast topic of TIME.

Within the exhibition we will also present the t-shirts illustrated by the graphic designer Michaela Angelova, selected among all 204 visual submissions as the winner of the competition. Visitors will have the opportunity to purchase a t-shirt with Michaela’s artwork on site.

“Time is a moment that contains the past, the present and the future. A character in three stages – the shifting of his gaze is an action that lives in the three dimensions of a moment,” says Michaela, who works as a graphic designer and illustrator at the independent graphic design studio PUNKT.

* * The designs were selected by Adriana Andreeva and Boyana Gyaurova from Studio Komplekt, Viktoria Stancheva from Fashion Days, Daniela Ivanova from Garderob.bg and Vasil Vladimirov from FIG. festival.